Spectrometer measurements of snow and bare ground targets and simultaneous measurements of snow conditions

The dataset holds measurements of reflected sunlight spectrum from snow and different snow free targets (moss, lichen, rock surface, ground vegetation). The purpose of the measurements has been to create a dataset to better understand the effect of snow cover characteristics and different bare ground targets on reflected sunlight, and to relate this information to observed at satellite reflectances from snow covered and partially snow covered boreal forests. The instrument in the measurements was Field Spec Pro JR from Analytical Spectral Devices Inc. Additionally to the 237 bands measured between 350-2500 nm, the dataset contains the following parameters from the measurement sites: id, location, time of measurement, target type (snow, bare ground etc.), cloudiness (in octas), snow depth (cm), snow temperature at 5 cm (degree C), snow temperature half way through the snow pack (degree C), soil temperature (degree C), air temperature (degree C), average grain size (mm), grain type, snow water content (subjective), snow patchiness (%) in the surrounding area, visible impurities in snow yes/no and land cover.

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