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Maanpinnan läpäisemättömyys (Imperviousness) 2012, 2015 & 2018

Maanpinnan läpäisemättömyys (Imperviousness) is produced by the European Environment Agency (EEA)

The data has been produced for reference years 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2018. In SYKE the data is available for the last 3 production years (2012, 2015 and 2018).

Built-up areas are characterized by the substitution of the original (semi-) natural land cover or water surface with an artificial, often impervious cover. These artificial surfaces are usually maintained over long periods of time. The imperviousness HRL captures the spatial distribution of artificially sealed areas, including the level of sealing of the soil per area unit. The level of sealed soil (imperviousness degree 1-100%) is produced using an automatic algorithm based on calibrated NDVI.

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High Resolution Layers(HRLs) – summary of product specifications 2012:

Enhancement report for year 2012:

Technical document for the Imperviousness 2015:

Validation report for the Imperviousness 2015:

Technical document for the Imperviousness 2018:

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Access to data is based on a principle of full, open and free access as established by the Copernicus data and information policy Regulation (EU) No 1159/2013 of 12 July 2013. This regulation establishes registration and licensing conditions for GMES/Copernicus users and can be found here: Free, full and open access to this data set is made on the conditions that: 1. When distributing or communicating Copernicus dedicated data and Copernicus service information to the public, users shall inform the public of the source of that data and information. 2. Users shall make sure not to convey the impression to the public that the user's activities are officially endorsed by the Union. 3. Where that data or information has been adapted or modified, the user shall clearly state this. 4. The data remain the sole property of the European Union.

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Production and updating of the high resolution layers (including the degree of imperviousness) are organized centrally covering whole of EU by European Environment Agency (EEA) as part of Copernicus land monitoing ( The details of the production methods can be found in the documents linked at the top of this metadata page.

Finnish Environment Institute and National Board of Survey (former Finnish Geodetic Institute) validated and enhanced the data covering Finland for the reference year 2012. National data sources, for example topographic database, Digiroad and high resolution Corine land cover 2012 were utilized in the enhancement. Data for the reference year 2015 have been validated by the Finnish Environment Institute together with the Natural Resources Institute. The validation of the data for reference year 2018 is going on and will be finished in June 2021.

The enhancement report for year 2012 and validation report for year 2015 can be found in the links above. The validation report for the year 2018 will be added later.

Processing history: High resolution layer imperviousness 2012 includes gaps due to clouds and their shadows in the input satellite data coverage. The gaps were filled in the Finnish Environment Institute using imperviousness data in the reference years 2006 and 2009. Data for the reference years 2015 and 2018 have not been processed further in SYKE.


Täältä löytyy kunkin vuoden aineistot gdb ja tiff -muodoissa. Imperviousness2012-kansiossa on myös lähdetiedosto imperviousness2012_source, josta löytyvät SYKEn enhancement-prosessissa muokkaamat alueet.