Greenhouse gas net emissions of undrained peatland in Kokemäenjoki river basin. Calculated for SYKE regional compilation of GHG net emissions related to land use

The greenhouse gas (GHG) net emissions were estimated for undrained peatland in the Kokemäenjoki river basin, using average emission coefficients, and presented as areal averages (CO2eq m-2). The resulting data set is a spatial shapefile that is published as a web map service.

Undrained peatlands were selected from the national peatland GIS data set by SYKE which was directly derived from the Topographic Database (version 2008) by the National Land Survey of Finland. Undrained peatlands were then classified into minerotrophic and ombrotrophic peatlands by using data layers from the multisource national forest inventory (version 2013; by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE).

For minerotrophic and ombrotrophic peatland, the net emission coefficients used were 224 and 136 gCO2eq m-2 yr-1, respectively. The net emission coefficients were calculated on the basis of data published in Minkkinen and Ojanen (2013, p.81). The net emission coefficients account for the long term accumulation of carbon in peatland, as well as the emission of methane from peatland. For the emission of CH4, a global warming potential coefficient of 28 was used (Myhre et al. 2013, p. 714).

The data set does not represent an exact time span, but it is based on the aforesaid data and can be further updated according to new published results.

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