Forest ecosystem services and actors rights related to them

The data describes how 11 national forest policy documents discuss the right addressed to different actors in relation to the set of 10 forest ecosystem services analysed from European forest policies. The analysed actors include: public administration, forest and wood using business and industry, forest related service business, associations, NGOs and civil society actors, landowners, recreational users, citizens, educational bodies, research institutes and financiers.

Spatial dataset has been created by joining the institutional data of each country as attributes to its administrative boundaries in a GIS-software (ArcGIS). These attributes are: CNTR_ID; Country; Forest ecosystem service type; Weight or importance given to the ecosystem service in the document; Weight in EU-level. The administrative boundaries of the countries are provided by Eurostat (© EuroGeographics).” Lisään vastaavan copyright merkinnän myös karttapalvelun infosivulle.

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