ESLAB: Municipal Greenhouse Gas Budgets

Information on the contribution of natural ecosystems to greenhouse gas sources and sinks in Finnish municipalities. Including information on emissions from anthropogenic sources in the non-emissions trading sector.

Annual greenhouse gas budgets were calculated for the 301 municipalities of mainland Finland, corresponding to the municipality borders of 1.1.2015. The GHG budgets were calculated as CO2 equivalents by summing sources (positive values) and sinks (negative values) of greenhouse gases. The sectors included were natural ecosystems and anthropogenic emissions of non-emission trading sector. Natural ecosystems included water bodies (lakes, rivers, vegetated littoral areas), undrained mires, peat production areas, forests (biomass, mineral soil, organic soil, fertilization), and cropland (biomass, mineral soil, organic soil, liming). The methods of the LUONNIKAS model (Haaspuro 2013, Vanhala et al. 2016) were used to calculate budgets for water bodies, undrained mires, peat production areas, cropland and forest organic soils and forest fertilization. The budgets of forest biomass and mineral soil were calculated with the Yasso15 model (Järvenpää et al. manuscript).

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