Anthropogenic greenhouse gas net emissions in Kokemäenjoki river basin. Calculated for SYKE regional compilation of GHG net emissions related to land use

The dataset contains anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions from the Kokemäki river basin for 2015. The emissions are calculated with the Finnish Regional Emission Scenario (FRES) model developed at the Finnish Environment Institute. The pollutants included are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), all converted into CO2 equivalents. The emissions are given separately for point sources on municipal level and area sources on 250 m x 250 m resolution. The point source emissions indicate the emissions from major energy production and industrial plants. They are calculated based on several year average emissions and are not the officially reported emissions. The area sources are aggregated to 5 sectors: traffic exhaust (CO2), machinery and off-road (CO2), small scale wood combustion (CH4, N2O), other small scale combustion (CO2) and agriculture (CH4, NO2). The emissions from agriculture are originated from fertilization (N2O) and cattle (CH4 as enteric emissions).

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