Forest carbon budget

The dataset consists of simulated carbon stocks of biomass and soil, and the annual change in these stocks. Biomass carbon stock (kg C m-2) is the amount of carbon stored in trees and ground vegetation of forest. Soil carbon stock (kg C m-2) is the amount of organic carbon stored in forest soil in a 100 cm deep soil layer. Carbon stock change (kg C m-2 year-1) is the annual change rate in the biomass and soil carbon stocks. The dataset covers mineral soils of forestry land in the Häme and Uusimaa regions in southern Finland in 2011. The spatial resolution of the data is 20x20 meters. Simulated time-series of biomass and soil carbon stock, and the changes in these stocks, were connected to spatially explicit information on forest characteristics using look-up tables. The validity of the estimates was tested by comparing them to extensive field measurements.

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